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Dashboard: How to Save Universal Google Analytics - Data Studio Template

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When Universal Google Analytics goes away in 2024, most accounts will lose all the data they've ever collected. However, you're about to be in the small group that gets to keep their data! 

Don’t Let History Disappear! Just download your Universal Analytics (UA) data to a spreadsheet. Then simply upload that spreadsheet to the included dashboard.

Be able to compare new marketing pieces to every piece of marketing you've ever sent to your site. Compare new website updates, to the performance of any site you

You Get: 

  • Instructions Page (Includes Data Exporter)
  • Ecommerce Dashboard
  • Lead Generation Dashboard

Ideal for: 

  • Any website that has used Google Analytics since 2006

Dashboard Data Source: Universal Google Analytics (Google Analytics UA)

Setup Time: 60 Minutes

Designed to Structure Meetings

The whole point of our dashboards is to help companies get their people on the same page. Each of reports starts with a high level overview, then goes each area with the biggest impact on your sales.

After reviewing our dashboards high level decision makers should be able to answer the question:

"Knowing what we know now. What do we do different moving forward?"

  • Target Ads

    Each section of our dashboards correlate with one of the few areas advertisers can directly control.

  • Compare Data Sources

    Your website and marketing data should more or less add up. If not, this could be a major red flag.

  • Stay Ready, Don't Get Ready

    Each of our dashboards refresh with new data every 15 minutes. No more manual reporting.