Google Analytics 4 Dashboard - Data Studio Template


Google Analytics 4 Dashboard - Data Studio Template


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If you love our Universal Google Analytics Dashboard, you’re going to be blown away with our new Google Analytics 4 Dashboard. We’ve incorporated all the key metrics and charts from our Universal Dashboard and included even more KPI’s that will help you understand the traffic coming to your site, and how to turn that into leads and sales.

Visually see the data instead of trying to cherry pick it from raw data.
Easily share or print off reports to share with relevant people in your organization.
Get a top level understanding while still maintaining the ability to drill down into the data.

Our Google Analytics 4 Dashboard is the ideal tool to see everything in one place and efficiently see and understand the data your website is providing for your business.

Ideal for:

  • Marketing departments with large Google Ad budgets.
  • Non-tech people that want to understand advertising data.
  • Agencies that are managing multiple accounts

Dashboard Data Source: Google Analytics 4 free connector

Setup Time: 30 to 60 Minutes

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